Tail Management

Unproductive suppliers are a hidden drain on resources. It can cost around £1000 just to set-up and on-board a new supplier – and the cost of managing multiple suppliers can grow and grow, each time you use them. We help organisations reduce this burden.

Princeps customers understand how good it can feel to have a single point of contact for their EEE sourcing and procurement needs – rather than a sparingly used, costly and disparate raft of suppliers. Access to the global supply chain, credit terms, delivery options, traceability, flow downs, accreditations, progressing, vendor management – all consolidated into one strategic supply chain partner, saving time, reducing costs and adding value. 

Princeps PRIME+ provides their Trusted Source. When they require parts from only the OCM (original component manufacturer) or their authorised supply chain, we work with some of the largest aerospace organisations in the world, every day – providing traceability, meeting requirements, managing flow downs and giving peace of mind.

What we do

  • Traceability

    Order traceable current parts via a variety of ordering and delivery models – blanket, call off, KANBAN etc.

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  • Sourcing

    Secure sourcing for hard to find parts

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  • Obsolescence

    Obsolescence management and mitigation, BOM monitoring and AS6081 releases

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  • Tail Management

    Vendor tail reduction for supply chain simplification

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  • Kitting

    Managed solution including sourcing and traceability

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