At Princeps, we understand the dangers of obsolescence – so we have made it our mission to provide a service that not only reacts to the danger, it pre-empts the threat. 

Princeps BOM monitoring service will: 

  • Give you early warning of component obsolescence 
  • Proactively identify your high-risk parts 
  • Provide end-of-life (EOL), discontinuation and obsolescence notices, when they are issued 
  • Identify lifetime buy opportunities for you to secure your product 

Why Princeps

Princeps uses SiliconExpert Obsolescence Forecasting System to help customers identify which parts in their bill of materials (BOM) are either at risk of going obsolete – or may already have done so. By monitoring their BOMs with Princeps, customers can get advance warnings to source alternatives, secure lifetime buys or even redesign their boards before having to face the dangers associated with having to find obsolete parts on the open market 

What is BOM monitoring? 

Our BOM monitoring service scrutinises your entire bill of materials, raising an immediate alert for any component mentioned in a Manufacturer PCN (product change notification), PDN (product discontinuation notice), EOL (end-of-life) notification or LTB (last time buy) warning, providing our customers with vital time to plan and react. 

Princeps BOM monitoring uses a complex and sophisticated algorithm that can predict the likelihood of a component being made obsolete, with a predictive ‘time to obsolescence’ that will drastically decrease the risk of unavailable parts. 

Even with the best planning tools, there may be occasions when there is no alternative other than to access the open market to procure obsolete parts. Princeps offer a range of risk mitigation solutions, up to and including fully bespoke test and inspection plans following AS6081, AS6171 or any other methodologies available. Find out more about Princeps’ service level offerings. [link to https://www.princeps.co.uk/what-we-do/service-products/]

What else can Princeps do? 

Princeps can provide new customers with a snapshot detailing any obsolescence risks it may be facing, simply through access to a full BOM. This service has access to the largest PCN monitoring system in the world, with obsolescence notices, lifetime buy notifications and product change notifications all held in a single system, providing real-time status for millions of individual components. 

What we do

  • Traceability

    Order traceable current parts via a variety of ordering and delivery models – blanket, call off, KANBAN etc.

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  • Sourcing

    Secure sourcing for hard to find parts

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  • Obsolescence

    Obsolescence management and mitigation, BOM monitoring and AS6081 releases

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  • Tail Management

    Vendor tail reduction for supply chain simplification

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  • Kitting

    Managed solution including sourcing and traceability

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