Using Princeps’ kitting service can make great sense for organisations of all sizes. Simplify the manufacturing process with a production ready kit-of-parts delivered to the point of assembly, improving process efficiency and reducing hidden costs, while maintaining supply chain safety.

Princeps tailor each kitting project to meet the individual demands of our customers, so whether it is a simple kit-of-parts, or a full box build, Princeps’ kitting service can deliver so much more than a box of components.

Princeps’ kitting service delivers:

Simplicity – kitting gives you

  • Streamlined manufacturing process 
  • Ready-to-use parts 
  • Single source of supply 
  • Single line order 
  • Reduced inventory control 
  • Reduced internal processing 
  • Reduced redundant tasks in purchasing, goods inwards and production

Cost Reduction – kitting will help you

  • Eliminate the hidden costs of acquisition 
  • Improve cash flow by reducing your stock holding 
  • Eliminate processing and receiving of multiple purchase orders 
  • Eliminate multiple transport costs of multiple incoming orders 
  • Eliminate multiple invoices, payments and suppliers

Safety – kitting means that we

  • Maintain Traceability 
  • Manage supply chain risks 
  • Address counterfeit mitigation 
  • Improve reliability of supply 
  • Deliver AS9120 quality 
  • Obsolescence risk assess your BOMs

With Princeps’ kitting service, our customers achieve a competitive advantage by controlling their costs, freeing up capital that would otherwise be swallowed holding unnecessary inventory, and increase their purchasing, receiving and production efficiency.

What we do

  • Traceability

    Order traceable current parts via a variety of ordering and delivery models – blanket, call off, KANBAN etc.

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  • Sourcing

    Secure sourcing for hard to find parts

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  • Obsolescence

    Obsolescence management and mitigation, BOM monitoring and AS6081 releases

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  • Tail Management

    Vendor tail reduction for supply chain simplification

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  • Kitting

    Managed solution including sourcing and traceability

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