Reasons to use Princeps

Reasons to use Princeps

There are many ways to our services in any organisation, here are the top ten Reasons to Use Princeps as told to us by customers…

Traceability - AS9120

We operate a quality management system that meets the stringent requirements of the AS9120 standard. AS9120 is based on ISO 9001 and it includes nearly 100 additional requirements specific to aerospace distributors. AS9120 provides us with a comprehensive quality system
focused on areas directly impacting product traceability, safety and reliability. See our Princeps PRIME+ service for more details about full traceability and what this means.

Counterfeit Risk Mitigation - AS6081

Few distributors take counterfeit mitigation as seriously as we do, fewer still hold AS6081 certification to back up this claim. We know that the parts you need are not always available with full traceability, in these instances AS6081 provides direction how the risks associated with these parts can be mitigated. See our Princeps ASSURE+ service for more details and how it can help solve your obsolescence problems.


Communication is a two way process, we listen too – in fact all 10 reasons on this list are taken from us listening to our customers, and what they like most about what Princeps do. So, whether it is qualifying an RFQ, confirming an order or notifying a despatch, the two way communication process is central to everything else we do.

Global Reach

Our global experience enables us to navigate the potentially hazardous global supply chain and procure parts for our customers. Employing our
worldwide network of over 1000 manufacturer authorised sources to achieve the very best pricing on current product whilst maintaining
traceability. Why settle for one or two franchised sources when you could access over 1000 with just one call?


We go the extra mile to locate that elusive stock item which is holding back production, even to the extent of negotiating an extension to manufacturer Last Time Buy. Not just saving our customer from expensive redesign and requalification processes – but exposing the “computer says no” attitude of franchised distribution who had told them that there was no chance of the part being available again from the manufacturer.

Vendor Tail Management

Vendor Reduction is a sound cost cutting strategy, proven to bring efficiency improvements and to lower costs. We successfully consolidate the unproductive slew of suppliers for a number of our customers. Our OEM customers have found this service particularly useful, providing them with supply chain performance efficiencies and reduced total cost of acquisition.

Buffer Stock, Kanban and Blanket Orders

With Lean Practices flourishing throughout the electronic manufacturing industry, our provision of buffer stock, kanban and blanket orders allows our customers peace of mind. They know that we are holding an agreed buffer stock level for their key lines allowing them to minimise stock holding and maximise their productivity.


With no restrictions on the range of manufacturers we can offer or product ranges we can provide, our customers love the flexibility Princeps can offer them allied with the security of traceability – even for commercial off the shelf products.


The Princeps Way is our statement of intent for serving you. It is summed up by the phrase “Hassle Free” and it is the way we ensure total customer satisfaction. We gather and analyse customer feedback to monitor our high standards are being maintained.


We are committed to a continual improvement process that covers every aspect of our operation, our focus being achieving total customer satisfaction. We are not people to rest on our laurels; we realise that our customers’ requirements are always evolving and if we are to continue meeting them we need to evolve too.