Under its authorised reseller agreement, Princeps will supply UK interconnect manufacturer, KEC’s full portfolio of shielded interconnect products, including D-type connectors, M-12 connectors and cables, Profibus connectors and cables, backshells, bulkhead glands, panel fittings and conduit systems. 

A specialist in EMC (electromagnetic compatibility) interconnect technology, KEC products incorporate screening techniques developed through its extensive 40 years’ experience that suit applications across multiple industries, including aerospace & defence, naval, rail, power distribution, nuclear, automation and medical. KEC’s patented technologies help design engineers manage the vital aspect of EMI/RFI (electromagnetic/radio frequency interference) shielding. 

KEC interconnects are a price-competitive option compared with some other leading suppliers and can be matched to parts from most major manufacturers. Manufactured in the UK, a further advantage of KEC products is significantly-reduced lead times of around six to eight weeks.

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