Through its authorised distribution agreement with Hammond Manufacturing, Princeps offers Hammond’s complete portfolio of electrical and electronic enclosures, which can also be modified and customised in-house to suit specific customer requirements. 

Hammond manufactures a huge range of electrical enclosures in metallic and non-metallic materials – including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, polycarbonate, ABS, polyester and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) – as well as various ranges of small electronics enclosures and accessories. Enclosures of many sizes and styles can address most applications to protect delicate electrical and electronic installations, including (depending on IP- and IK-rating) models that are waterproof, resistant to particle ingress (such as dust or chemical sprays) and robust enough to withstand other hazards found in commercial and industrial environments. 

Hammond also offers in-house capability to modify any of the thousands of its enclosures to suit challenging designs where a standard solution is not suitable. Services include non-standard sizes, alternative materials, cut-outs, punching or drilling holes, louvres, pre-installed accessories, hinge changes, special paint colours, silk screening and more.

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