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05 July 2018 in Quality

Princeps Fraudulent/Counterfeit Part Mitigation Policy

Princeps have held AS6081 Certification since 2016. When we were first putting together our Counterfeit Avoidance Plan the first document created was our Counterfeit Part Mitigation Policy. This is found early on in the requirements of AS6081, in clause 4.1.1, which requires us to define and document a policy to prevent:  The purchase  The acceptance  The distribution ...of fraudulent/counterfeit parts Taking each of these in turn: Prevent the Purchase The…

26 April 2018 in Quality

X-Ray Inspection of Electronic Components

In-line with our policy of continuous improvement and investment in test equipment, Princeps are very proud to announce the installation of our new JewelBox Ultra Compact Microfocus X-ray Technology from Glenbrook Technologies Inc. This provides internal capability for X-Ray Inspection of Electronic Components and allows for the rapid analysis of internal attributes of devices. [caption id="attachment_504" align="aligncenter" width="1024"] Quality and Inspection Lead, Andrew Green, Inspecting Parts with X-Ray[/caption] How is…

19 January 2018 in Quality

AS9120B Transition Complete!

Princeps are proud to announce that our transition to the latest revision of the AS9120 standard (AS9120B) was rubber stamped by our Certification Body during their audit of our processes in December 2017. This marks the culmination of a year long transition plan which bought all of our operations up to the level required by the latest AS9120B standard. In concluding his report, the lead assessor stated: The level of…