Five Essential Checks to stop you buying counterfeit parts

Avoiding the purchasing and trading of counterfeit parts is sadly part and parcel of our industry but knowing the steps you can make to ensure your supply chain is not infiltrated by fake parts is a necessary evil.

The easiest way to eradicate fake parts from your supply chain is to use a company like Princeps to avoid the risk, however there will undoubtedly be some situations when this is not possible and arming yourself with all the information is your best bet at fighting the counterfeit deluge. Knowing what to look for, what to avoid and when and how to refuse fake goods is advisable.

About us

Princeps was founded in 2006, with the intention of becoming the go-to experts UK Manufacturers turn to when they need solutions to their Electronic, Electro-mechanical or Electrical (EEE) component supply problems. We now serve customers in a wide range of aerospace, defence and other hi-rel sectors and they love our tenacity , its time for you to find out what Princeps can do for you!

As we have grown the range of products we are able to supply has developed and now includes not just EEE parts but also Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) products, Build To Print (BTP) and Standard Parts. We provide a range of supply solutions to provide our customers with efficiency savings, best value and security, it is our aim to provide traceable, risk free parts, on-time and to budget for our customers.

When traceable parts are not an option, when they are obsolete, unavailable or on long lead time we are able to provide a range of risk mitigated options for sourcing and testing open market parts supplied under our certified Counterfeit Mitigation Plan.

Our customers come from all corners of the UK High Tech Manufacturing Sector, and although the Aerospace/Defence Sector makes up the majority of our client base, we are also heavily involved in instrumentation, rail, automotive, security and many other industrial sectors.

What Princeps can do for you

Put simply we provide traceable electronic and electro-mechanical components to manufacturers in the aerospace, defence and other advanced industries.

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Product Sourcing

In response to your individual needs we source products worldwide and can supply the right product whether it is active, obsolete or end of life.

We use our knowledge of the component marketplace to source products from our industry partners including a large number of manufacturers. At Princeps we develop good relationships with our suppliers so we can often negotiate preferential pricing for our customers.

Competitive Pricing

We can offer products from any manufacturer. Our pricing is very competitive compared with UK franchised distributors and we have achieved considerable savings for our customers.


We aim to turn every enquiry into a quotation within 12-24 hours and we make sure you are kept up to date with the progress of your order from quotation to shipment to invoice.

Delivery Options

We offer a range of delivery options tailored to specific customer needs such as Scheduled Deliveries, Call off orders and E-Ban (Electronic Kanban).

Value Added Services

In partnership with our approved sub contractors we constantly add services in response to customer need so do get in touch if there is something you need that we don’t currently offer.

Some existing services are: Baking and dry packing, Tape and reeling/dereeling, Cropping and forming, Mil spec upgrade, Solderability testing

Procurement Services with Original Source Visibility


Order traceable current parts via a variety of ordering and delivery models – blanket, call off, KANBAN etc.


Secure sourcing for hard to find parts


Obsolescence management and mitigation, BOM monitoring and AS6081 releases

Tail Management

Vendor tail reduction for supply chain simplification 


Managed solution including sourcing and traceability