Company History

A Better Way to Do Distribution

At Princeps we believe there is a better way to do distribution, and we want to be the first people to show you what this means.

Our Founding

Princeps was born from a frustration with the status quo that existed within EEE part distribution. Frustrated with the lack of service from broadline distribution, poor quality parts from brokers and a [negative word] communication across the board, Dan Hughes took a leap of faith in 2006 and founded Princeps, a company that would be built on the foundations of Quality, Service and Communication.

2006 - 2009

Early Development

A focus on quality that exists to this day was demonstrated when, early in 2008, Princeps was awarded ISO 9001 certification. The fundamental value of Quality also led us to identify just how critical traceability is to our customer base and just how poorly part provenance was being communicated within the supply chain. To combat this, in 2009, we introduced our PRIME and ASSURE services to communicate – simply – the traceability of all products we sold.

2009 - 2013

Accelerated Growth

In 2009 new premises were taken on to house a vibrant, growing company, and selection for participation in the Government’s Growth Accelerator Programme was the stimulus for a period of sustained development within Princeps. We saw our first Global Tier One Aerospace approval in this period – an approval which would lead to our becoming one of the first UK adopters of the AS9120 Quality Certification within EEE distribution and also our PRIME+ full traceability service. It was at this time that Princeps first engaged with the national apprenticeship scheme to give young people the opportunity to gain new skills recognised national qualifications while working in our business.


Take Off

The continuing arms race between those involved in counterfeiting EEE parts and those mitigating the threat of counterfeit parts leads to us attaining AS6081 certification for our Counterfeit Mitigation System and the development of our ASSURE+ service for these releases. This period also sees Princeps growing our team to the extent that new premises were again required and in 2016 we move into our current home.


To Infinity and Beyond!

Our 10th anniversary on 1 st August 2016 was time for reflection on how much we far we have come and the many obstacles we have overcome – global financial meltdown, over supply, under supply, a flood of counterfeit parts to name but a few. One of our success drivers has always been our flexibility, how we adapt to a rapidly changing world and continue to exceed our customers’ needs and expectations. So what does the future hold for Princeps, we are looking at continued growth, further development of our Counterfeit Mitigation System with more test equipment being added to our lab and a constant refocus of our attention on the three pillars of Princeps – Quality, Service and Communication.

Where does the Name “Princeps” come from?

Princeps has a name that was inspired by our mission to become the best and show there is a better way to do distribution. Reflected in our logo, it comes from the Latin word meaning “first in time or order, the first, foremost, chief, the most eminent, distinguished or noble.” It was an unofficial title given to Roman Emperors at the height of the empire, and is the root of many modern English words such as Principal, Principled, and Princely, three words that fit our company quite nicely!