Google – is it really the answer to hard-to-find components?

Google is great, Google is invaluable, vital – at times it can be instrumental in whatever it’s being utilised for. But it’s also dangerous, hazardous even, in the wrong hands. It’s not fool proof and it’s certainly not the answer to a hard-to-find component even when all other avenues are exhausted.

But sadly, we are seeing the ‘I found it on Google’ show of hands still, despite it being 2021 and despite what we all know about the counterfeit deluge. The global chip shortage has seen otherwise clean manufacturers search the open market for parts that are suddenly unavailable, despite knowing the risks and it’s usually because someone has Googled it and found what no one else can. And when there is a dire need, unfortunately we see OEMs turning a blind eye to the source of the solution and fall victim to the bogus supplier.

Sometimes there is no apparent answer when parts are unavailable, and sometimes there are no traceable parts, and you have to consider the open market. If this is your only option, then make it a safe one by utilising Princeps to de-risk the minefield on your behalf.
Princeps Assure+ service follows our AS6081 certified control plan, essential in guaranteeing only compliant parts are supplied when there is not an alternative to sourcing outside of the manufacturer’s authorised supply chain.

Don’t Google it – Princeps it.