Princeps counterfeit mitigation process is vital for a robust supply chain

Now more than ever, the importance of unswerving counterfeit mitigation in the electronic component industry has never been more crucial.  We have been hit by unprecedented shortages of electronic chips, meaning the market has become vulnerable to counterfeits and susceptible to fake parts flooding our market beyond recognition. A growing number of fraudulent/counterfeit electronic parts are being able to enter the supply chain by businesses driven to source parts outside of the Original Component Manufacturers (OCMs), or their authorised agents.

What are the risks?

If bogus parts were to end up in your products, not only will your businesses’ reputation take a blow, but if the use of counterfeit components contributes to an injury or fatality, the damage is irreversible, the cost unquantifiable.  It is simply not a risk worth taking.

At Princeps, our counterfeit mitigation process Princeps ASSURE+ is extensive and meticulous.  In an industry where it is thought that 5-10% of all electronic components on the market are counterfeit, it has to be.


Our Counterfeit Avoidance Program has been awarded the elite AS6081 Certification by NQA-USA.  The AS6081 standard determines the requirements and practices to mitigate the risk of buying, receiving and selling fraudulent/counterfeit parts and it gives our customers assurances in the reliability of their own supply chain.

  • Sourced from Open/Grey Market
  • Supplier Risk Assessment Based on ARP6178
  • Inspection and Test Plan Created Using AS6171 and SAE Counterfeit Defect Coverage Tools
  • Test and Inspection Reports Sent with Goods
  • Test, Inspection and Traceability Records Retained for 15 Years Min


X-Ray is one of the tools we use to establish consistency throughout a batch.  The majority of counterfeit parts fall into one of two groups – the first is old parts that have been removed from boards, tidied up and labelled as “new”, the second group is where a lesser part is substituted in place of a better part and relabelled as the better part.

Both will often lead to a mixture of parts being put together and represented as one single homogenous lot. X-Ray allows us to identify inconsistencies between parts to alert us to the counterfeit components.  X-Ray has to be done to an exacting standard and so our inspectors go through specialised X-Ray training to further bolster our ASSURE+ promise.

If you want to be assured of a genuine component that has been thoroughly inspected, you need to start working with Princeps.  Call us today to find out more