Take the stress out of managing unproductive suppliers…

​​​​​​​Princeps is the trusted source for single point of contact component sourcing.  Using multiple suppliers is not only costly but it is time consuming and stressful.  A juggling act you haven’t got time for.  With Princeps Tail Vendor Management you will:

  • Save up to £1000 per new supplier set up*
  • Gain access to the global supply chain  
  • Ensure traceability and manage flow down.
  • We help our customers by establishing a single point of contact instead of a costly raft of suppliers. 

With fewer suppliers, the number of individual transactions decreases along with the time spent managing these ineffectual suppliers.  On average, it costs roughly £1k in internal costs (labour, outsourcing, technology and the related overheads) to source each supplier, create internal systems and manage both the project and the relationship.  So simply put, the fewer suppliers, the lower the cost.

With our access to global supply chains, credit terms, delivery options, traceability, flow down, accreditations all consolidated into one strategic partner, we help customers save time, reduce cost and create value. 

Princeps PRIME+ service

Our main role as a Pass-Thru Distributor is that of supplier management, putting the time into managing those suppliers that are a burden to you. By having a pre-existing Global Approved List covering hundreds of product categories from thousands of manufacturer authorised sources, Princeps maximise supply chain efficiencies, leaving you to focus on core strategic partnerships

And when you purchase under our Princeps PRIME+ service, you can be certain that the parts have been sourced only from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or from one of their current approved distributors, with the goods delivered to you with full traceability back to the OCM – something that many Manufacturer Authorised Sources are unable or unwilling to provide.

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*Source – The Journey to World Class Starts Here | The Hackett Group