Princeps solves supply chain issues in the face of pandemics and Brexit

There is no getting away from the fact that 2021 has not started in the way we had all hoped, Covid19 sees no sign of waning fully so whilst we were all keen to get 2021 off to a positive start, what impact does Covid19 continue to have on our industry, as well as Brexit and technology trends?  


Princeps strengthen customers stronghold.

As a key player in a larger supply chain, our business relies heavily on our customers being able to continue with their business.  Whilst for some of our competitors, supply demands fell, at Princeps we have been able to help our customers continue their services and strengthen their stronghold during a pretty tumultuous time. Certainly during January, we saw a return to pre-Covid levels of business in January, despite another lockdown, and February sees no sign of slowing down.  Add to that, the increase in the demand for 5G and the rebound of consumer led products – and we could be looking at one of the best years in recent history.

The world semiconductor market is predicting anything up to a 12% growth this year, and this coupled with tight capacity is leading to extending lead times and the likelihood of an allocation market.  When the demand grows like this, it leads to a tightening of supply and customers will have problems trying to secure stock to keep their production running smoothly.

Moving into 2021, we are confident that businesses will continue to seek out established and reliable supply chain partners.  Ones that have the agility and capacity to guarantee service standards as the year pushes on. Rising to the higher level of demand, whilst continuing to provide fully traceable components to strengthen the supply chain will only reinforce the level of service Princeps has come to be renowned for.


What about Brexit?

Since Covid19 hit, you could almost be forgiven for forgetting about Brexit, but it is already having an impact across the board. Our customers are going to face major challenges as we move further into 2021 but with our market knowledge, flexibility and agility, we are well placed to help get businesses out of any sticky situations their European based suppliers may place them in and we are ideally positioned to help customers out with shortages and sudden allocation issues.  We have had access to the global marketplace for the past fifteen years – our experience with customs is just one of the many reasons’ customers will get the product they order with no delays.  We will not need to charge any extras for additional exportation, and this may well set us apart from the competition.


The future is Princeps.

We are all looking forward to market stability, however it is imperative our customers ensure their suppliers are not taking any shortcuts to cope with demand.  At Princeps, the traceability and authenticity of all our products will continue to be our top priority and we will not relax when it comes to guaranteeing the strength of your supply chain.  We most recently gained our recertification to AS9120 and AS6081 – an essential foundation to our working practises, it displays our commitment to the quality, cost and delivery of our product and cements our position as leaders in the global marketplace.