Experts in sourcing – a stitch in time approach

How confident are you that the electronic components you are ordering are still going to be available down the line? And if you are getting them, how sure are you of their provenance?  Sourcing active parts is one thing but sourcing obsolete and hard to find parts is quite another.

We believe in proactive sourcing over reactive sourcing – so our entire strategy is to mitigate any risks before our customers hit the purchase button.  Knowing when a part is going out of production, or a counterfeit riskis critical – not only for the continuation of a project but for its longevity.

Allocation parts can have lead times of over a year, obsolete parts run the risk of being counterfeit and hard to find parts can only be found with access to a global network of Manufacturer Authorised Suppliers. Princeps proactive sourcing approach utilises all the systems we have in place to inform our customers of any future risk before it turns into an immediate problem.

Princeps is always available to work out a sourcing strategy that props up your future projects instead of delaying them. Get in touch today