Teledyne provides enabling technologies for industrial growth markets. They serve multiple markets that require advanced technology and high reliability including aerospace, defence, deep-water oil and gas exploration and production, oceanographic research, air and water quality environmental monitoring, factory automation and medical imaging. ​

​​Teledyne Technologies is devoted to advancing science, acquiring and inventing new technology, and using it to help their customers solve challenges in business and society. Teledyne serves an immense range of applications, providing technologies vital to industrial growth markets.


The client’s requirements:

Total Kitted Project Management – Teledyne require a one stop ‘shop’ for their projects, dealing with component procurement, manufacture and ongoing support for the life of each project.

Traceability – Teledyne’s commitment to advancing science and inventing new technologies must be powered by a traceable, solid supply chain, thus securing authenticity from birth to board.

Flexibility – Obsolescence is a risk that Teledyne simply can’t take so they need a supplier who will hold stock for as long as necessary to guarantee the supply chain.


Meeting Teledyne’s requirements:

For Princeps, adapting to client’s needs and providing exactly what is asked of them is just one of the strengths that they pride themselves on.  When Teledyne discovered a disconnect between what they were expecting and what their previous regular suppliers provided, they were looking to repair their supply chain with a trusted supplier who could guarantee a secure, traceable solution. Something they believed Princeps could provide.

Princeps immediately took on complete projects – procuring traceable parts, managing sub-contractors, over-seeing the manufacture of the boards, and holding stock for an extended period to mitigate obsolescence.

Steve Sibley, Teledyne’s Procurement Manager, has found that Princeps provide more than just traceability, they provide a commitment to finding the best solution on the market.  They simply don’t stop looking until they find an unrivalled result for their clients.

“Princeps will literally scour the planet for us, and come up trumps every time”

Steve Sibley, Procurement Manager

Keeping a line of communication going with their clients is something that Princeps value as much as providing the right products at the right price. They always keep Teledyne up to date on projects because it is that transparency and open channel that enables Teledyne to have the confidence that Princeps will always deliver.  Princeps believe that with a visible service, clients are aware of every stage of the journey, and that’s what sets them apart from their competitors.  It’s a trait that Steve agrees is one of the reasons he trusts them to deliver, every time.


Exceeding Teledyne’s requirements

Teledyne pride themselves on the service they give to their customers and as such, expect the same standards from their suppliers.  Simply meeting this is not an option for Princeps – they strive to exceed what Teledyne expect.  Whilst previous providers have not been crystal clear regarding their sourcing routes, Princeps operate an open book approach to traceability.  Steve agrees it’s the detail like this, the commitment to going that extra mile that makes Princeps stand out.

“I’ve not dealt with anyone so calm in this industry as Ian (Princeps Operations Director).  He knows what he has to do to ensure continuous good service and he and his team get it done.”

Steve Sibley, Procurement Manager

Managing entire kitting solution projects for Teledyne means that Princeps buy every single component needed to create the end project, engaging with the sub-contractors so that Teledyne don’t have to. Rather than simply using Princeps as a supplier of components, Teledyne hand them entire projects and Princeps hand back a finished product.  Princeps manage the traceability with suppliers, acting as an interface between subcontractor and customer, effectively giving Teledyne another layer of security.

Princeps manage the First Article Inspection Report – each completed project is inspected and every aspect of it checked off against the drawing, all materials and components used in its construction are reviewed alongside mechanical properties, layout and so on – all to the levels demanded by the aerospace standard for FAIRs – AS9102B. This standard of complete project management that Princeps provide not only gives Teledyne a complete service with the assurances of meeting stringent certifications but quite simply, it streamlines their supply chain.


The Princeps Way

Crucially, Princeps seek authenticity – both their product and their service must be authentic to be the business they claim to be. The commitment they make to Teledyne is that they will complete the best project at the best value with 100% traceability and obsolescence risks mitigated by support for the life of the project. If they fail on any of these points, they simply could not be the company they say they are. read more about what makes us different


“It is these projects that set Princeps apart and define us as Supply Chain Specialists. A project that started with Princeps supplying safe, traceable components has evolved into a traceable kitting solution and finally into the full-service provision of traceable components on fully assembled boards -each step an advancement toward making our customers life simpler.”

 Ian Walker, Princeps Operations Director


The Future

Steve is resolute when he talks about the future of Teledyne and Princeps – continuing to provide the absolute best in service is a driver for both companies, it is not the only thing they have in common, but it is at the heart of everything they do and they are both uncompromising when it comes to quality, service and trust.