A Summer of Quality

Like time and tide, certification audit cycles wait for no man – so it was that in June that we began our Summer of Quality with an extensive four day recertification audit for our AS6081 Counterfeit Mitigation Control Plan.

AS6081 is a tough standard to achieve, it has to be, the consequences of getting counterfeit mitigation wrong – especially in the aerospace sector – could be catastrophic.

NQA have recommended our continued certification to AS6081, a couple of quotes from their audit report:

The organization has demonstrated its commitment towards improvement of its management system’s effectiveness, and the achievement of stated policies and objectives.
The organization has demonstrated its continued conformity of those requirements associated with the management system and the applied International Standard.
Our new AS6081 certificate can be found here.

Following hot on the heels of our successful AS6081 recertification we achieved another demonstration of our commitment to continuous improvement.

As part of our AS9120 Quality System, Princeps run a “Context of the Organisation” or COTO exercise in which all relevant internal and external issues are identified and reviewed. It was in such a COTO review that we identified a change in how some of our customers were using our services.

We identified a clear trend towards Supplier Consolidation among our customers, a service that we have provided for some time now, what we were now seeing though was development in the categories of product we are asked to procure. So much so that we were at the limits of what our AS9120 Scope of Approval covered, and the decision was taken to review our scope with the aim of extending it to provide a better fit for those customers using us in this way.

Once this review was complete and the necessary adjustment made to our Processes a system audit was undertaken by our AS9120 certification body at the end of August. This audit was very successful and resulted in the addition to our scope of “Third Party Sourcing, Procurement and Logistics Services”

Our new AS9120 certificate can be found here.

Our key competencies of risk-based supplier management and provision of traceable products can be applied to whichever product categories are applicable to your needs, so whether it is for anything from industrial semiconductors and COTS assemblies to tools and consumables you can rely on Princeps for Safer, Simpler Buying.