Princeps ASSURE+ our AS6081 Release

The seriousness of risk posed by Counterfeit and Fraudulent Electronic, Electrical and Electro-mechanical (EEE) Components over recent years cannot be understated. Industry has responded, awareness has increased massively and standards are now available for organisations operating at all levels within the supply chain.

Setting Standards – AS6081
AS6081 is the standard setting out how distributors operating in the open market can mitigate these risks. Princeps were one of the very first UK distributors to achieve AS6081 certification when NQA approved our system in 2016. Our process for the safe procurement of untraceable components for use in hi-rel industries makes use of the risk assessment model detailed in AS6171 and the SAE Counterfeit Defect Coverage Tool to identify risks associated and generate a comprehensive, optimized test sequence. All our AS6081 orders are released under our Princeps ASSURE+ Service.

Princeps ASSURE+ Process

The AS6171 Risk Model produces reliable, repeatable test plans with coverage to meet risks associated with use of the components in the end product. If there are specific test requirements that your organization needs covering we can modify the test sequence to include these.

We tailor each Princeps ASSURE+ order so that individual risks associated with each component and end product are addressed. If you buy obsolete EEE components we would love to discuss your specific requirements.

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