Why are Aerospace Organisations Turning to Princeps PRIME+ For Traceable Electronic Components posted on August 11, 2018

Traceable Electronic Components are in short supply
Aerospace Manufacturers are suffering from supply shortages for traceable electronic components. Now many of them are using Princeps PRIME+ service to solve this supply headache.

The current market for electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical components is suffering its greatest convulsion in decades. Many passive and discrete ranges are already on allocation or moving to 26 week+ lead-times, supply side issues that are not likely to go away any time soon.

Source: ECIA – https://www.ecianow.org/wp-content/uploads/ECIA_LEAD_TIME_BREAKDOWN_July18.pdf

Product stock situations change on a minute-by-minute basis and tracking down traceable components is becoming increasingly challenging, pockets of stock do exist but do you really need another supplier on your AVL whom you will possibly only use for this single transaction, especially when you are under pressure to reduce the number of suppliers you use.

Can I keep my supply chain working and satisfy my Quality obligations?
Yes, use a Pass-Thru Distributor! Princeps act as a Pass-Thru Distributor to many manufacturers operating in the aerospace, defence and other hi-rel industries. We do this using our Princeps PRIME+ service.

Our main role as a Pass-Thru Distributor is that of supplier management, putting the time into managing those suppliers that are a burden to you, and by having a pre-existing Global Approved List covering thousands of Manufacturer Authorised Distributors, Princeps will save you time in sourcing parts that are not available from your usual sources.

Not only this, but using Princeps in this manner provides you with the agility and expertise required to secure that elusive traceable stock, calling on that global network of Manufacturer Authorised Sources.

Also, following Pareto’s law, the unproductive 80% of your suppliers account for only 20% of your purchasing. A Pass Thru Distributor provides the opportunity to combine a long vendor tail into a single point of contact for this slew of suppliers, allowing you to focus on strategic suppliers, not to mention the efficiency savings this will create.

So how does Princeps PRIME+ Service work?

The Princeps PRIME+ service was created solely to meet the requirements of our aerospace customers for traceable, secure products.

So, Princeps PRIME+ Orders:

⇒ Are obtained ONLY from the Original Component Manufacturer (OCM) or their current Authorised Distributor

⇒ Are traceable back to the OCM

⇒ Are shipped with OCM traceability as a deliverable item along with the parts themselves.

⇒ Have all traceability documentation, including certificates of conformity, delivery notes, photographs of labels and the parts themselves, retained for a minimum of 15 years.

So what should I look for in a Pass-Thru Distributor?

As a pass-through distributor is likely to become one of you key strategic partners, you need to be sure of their qualifications, so look for a distributor who:

⇒ Holds relevant quality certifications – ie AS9120B and AS6081

⇒ Obtains parts exclusively from the Original Component Manufacturer or their Approved Authorised Distributor – ie a DFAR 252.246-7008 Category 1 Supplier, as specified by the US Department of Defense

⇒ Maintains a Global Approved List of Manufacturer Authorised Sources

⇒ Considers traceability documentation to be a deliverable item alongside the components themselves.

⇒ Promotes Counterfeit and Fraudulent Part Awareness

⇒ Follows strict Supplier and Operational Risk Management Guidelines

What does this mean?

Well, the benefits are several fold,

⇒ Get away from the silo-mentality found in many of the broadline distributors – if they don’t have the stock of your resistor in their warehouse, they don’t care if their Asia facility is holding 100,000 ready to ship – we do and we will secure it for you.

⇒ Get away from the “computer says no” approach found in many distributors – “No, I don’t have any stock”, “No I don’t know when I will have any stock”, “No, I can’t speak to the factory to find out for you.”

⇒ Utilising the global supply chain allows us to leverage regional pricing variation

⇒ When an part is on a lead-time, working from a global perspective allows us to identify where the first available parts will be and secure stock there

What Next?

So if you are faced with product shortages, allocation, a long vendor tail or just want to get away from the “computer says no” approach of many distributors, it is time to speak to Neil Taylor and find out how Princeps PRIME+ can solve your allocation headaches and supply traceable electronic components.