Princeps Fraudulent/Counterfeit Part Mitigation Policy

Princeps have held AS6081 Certification since 2016.

When we were first putting together our Counterfeit Avoidance Plan the first document created was our Counterfeit Part Mitigation Policy. This is found early on in the requirements of AS6081, in clause 4.1.1, which requires us to define and document a policy to prevent:

The purchase
The acceptance
The distribution

…of fraudulent/counterfeit parts

Taking each of these in turn:

Prevent the Purchase

The first of these three items is the critical to avoiding the second and third, so we put a lot of emphasis on our purchasing controls.


Here is the way that we control purchasing:

Prevent the Acceptance

Once received, parts are inspected in line with Section 10 of IDEA-STD-1010B at a minimum. Any untraceable parts are additionally inspected with x-ray using our Glenbrook X-Ray Inspection System. When bespoke test plans are in place all the tests are completed before acceptance of any parts, this can include XRF, Decapsulation, SEM and C-SAM.

IDEA-STD-1010B Table of Contents – Click to Download Copy from IDEA


Prevent the Distribution

Control of purchasing limits the number of potential counterfeit parts being received and our enhanced inspection process intercept any suspect parts that may make their way to our dock. So we control the distribution of fraudulent/counterfeit parts by enforcing a policy of NEVER returning any parts deemed suspect. Instead we hold any suspect parts here and report the details to the ERAI Counterfeit Part Reporting System. Data fed into this database is available and distributed to the supply chain, leading to increased awareness of  suspect parts in the supply chain and a reduction their further distribution.


How Our Counterfeit Part Mitigation Policy is Communicated

Internally, the Policy forms part of the induction programme for each new employee. And this Poster is prominently displayed in work areas throughout the business.

Click to download our FCMP Awareness Poster


Externally, AS6081 requires us to make the policy accessible to our customers –  so here it is!

Princeps FCMP


Please feel free to contact us if you need any further information about our Fraudulent/Counterfeit Part Mitigation Policy.